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"Disney Villains Perfume" by japanese artist Ruby Spark.

i saw that one was missing

This is great. On so many levels hahah

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1) The Little Mermaid pencil test by Glen Keane   via diehard-disney

2) Tangled pencil test by Glen Keane   via diehard-disney

3) Aladdin pencil test   via diehard-disney

4) Sleeping Beauty pencil test by Marc Davis   via diehard-disney

5) 101 Dalmatians pencil test   via diehard-disney

6) Xeroxes of Frank Thomas pencil animation for Pinocchio

(Via: Michael Sporn & The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation)  via the-disney-elite

7) Peter Pan pencil test by Milt Kahl   via diehard-disney

8) The Jungle Book pencil test   via diehard-disney

9) The Rescuers pencil test by Ollie Johnston   via diehard-disney

10) Alice in Wonderland pencil test by Milt Kahl   via diehard-disney

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Ten pictures that will make you love advertising

This right here is what advertising should be. Not sexualizing men and women. Just clever little things like this.

the van gogh and shark one though

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If you believe in yourself anything is possible.

The snail

This photoset made me so happy. You go, lil snail.

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I just made a gif edit of this amazing Rekindle Candle by Benjamin Shine and thought I’d share the non-animated version as well. 

"The Rekindle Candle is a candlestick holder which collects the melting wax to form a new candle.  As the candle burns, melting wax drips from the candle and accumulates inside the transparent stem where a length of wick is centrally located.  Once full, the new molded candle can be removed from the central section to start the process again."

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So many of you guys will hopefully know who this beautiful little girl is. If you don’t her name is Talia. She is a gorgeous, inspiring, love able, laughable, courageous girl. She brought so much more attention to childhood cancer. As you can see, she suffered from cancer.. Not just one type but two. Neuroblastoma and pre leukemia. The chances of surviving both of these was a lot less that 30%, because the survival rate of neuroblastoma alone was 30%. Little Talia lost her battle July 16, at 11:22am, But really i don’t think that Talia feels she lost because her battle was to raise awareness to childhood cancer.

It may sound really strange, I have never met Talia in person, but I spent the majority of my day quite emotional as I thought about her and the legacy she’s leaving behind. I, along with millions of people all over the world, am grieving the loss of one of the greatest people I never met. It is not only this but i personally know what it is like to loss someone from cancer. Two of my grandparents have passed because of cancer.

This girl had many dreams and her mom and her sister are still trying to make many of them happen. I know that i will never forget this young girl, and i am asking that is you haven’t watched one of Talia’s videos could you now take the time to search taliajoy18 on youtube and watch just 1 video. Even though she was in pain most of the time she was always smiling and positive. 

Just keep swimming 

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I think a bird fell in the snow and then walked away. I think.


Ummmm…those are small mammal prints, not bird prints. Something cute and fuzzy was hopping along in the snow…a bird came down and killed it a lot.

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You either love The Princess Bride or you’re wrong.


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